Pakistan Super League – PSL 2020 Fixture

PSL 2020 is the 5th season of Pakistan Super League. The tournament has started at 20th February 2020 and will closed at 22th March. 34 match will be played. 30 League Match and top Four will play 3 playoff match. And at 22th March, Final will be played.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, PSL has suspended by PCB. playoff matches has started again from 14 November and the Final match rescheduled at 17 November 2020.

PSL 2020 Match Schedule:

2020PKTTeam VS TeamVenueWinner
20 Feb9:00 PM1. Islamabad United VS Quetta GladiatorsKarachiQuetta
21 Feb3:00 PM2. Karachi Kings VS Peshawar ZalmiKarachiKarachi
21 Feb7:00 PM3. Lahore Qalandars VS Multan SultansLahoreMultan
22 Feb2:00 PM4. Peshawar Zalmi VS Quetta GladiatorsKarachiPeshawar
22 Feb7:00 PM5. Islamabad United VS Multan SultansLahoreIslamabad
23 Feb2:00 PM6. Karachi Kings VS Quetta GladiatorsKarachiQuetta
23 Feb7:00 PM7. Lahore Qalandars VS Islamabad UnitedLahoreIslamabad
26 Feb7:00 PM8. Multan Sultans VS Peshawar ZalmiMultanMultan
27 Feb7:00 PM9. Islamabad United VS Quetta GladiatorsRawalpindiQuetta
28 Feb3:00 PM10. Multan Sultans VS Karachi KingsMultanMultan
28 Feb8:00 PM11. Lahore Qalandars VS Peshawar ZalmiRawalpindiPeshawar
29 Feb2:00 PM12. Multan Sultans VS Quetta GladiatorsMultanMultan
29 Feb7:00 PM13. Islamabad United VS Peshawar ZalmiRawalpindiNo Result
01 Mar7:00 PM14. Islamabad United VS Karachi KingsRawalpindiKarachi
02 Mar7:00 PM15. Karachi Kings VS Peshawar ZalmiRawalpindiKarachi
03 Mar7:00 PM16. Lahore Qalandars VS Quetta GladiatorsLahoreLahore
04 Mar7:00 PM17. Lahore Qalandars VS Islamabad UnitedLahoreIslamabad
05 Mar7:00 PM18. Peshawar Zalmi VS Quetta GladiatorsRawalpindiPeshawar
06 Mar7:00 PM19. Karachi Kings VS Multan SultansLahoreNo Result
07 Mar2:00 PM20. Islamabad United VS Peshawar ZalmiRawalpindiPeshawar
07 Mar7:00 PM21. Lahore Qalandars VS Quetta GladiatorsLahoreLahore
08 Mar2:00 PM22. Islamabad United VS Multan SultansRawalpindiMultan
08 Mar7:00 PM23. Lahore Qalandars VS Karachi KingsLahoreLahore
10 Mar7:00 PM24. Lahore Qalandars VS Peshawar ZalmiLahoreLahore
11 Mar7:00 PM25. Multan Sultans VS Quetta GladiatorsLahoreNo Result
12 Mar7:00 PM26. Karachi Kings VS Lahore QalandarsKarachiKarachi
13 Mar7:00 PM27. Multan Sultans VS Peshawar ZalmiKarachiMultan
14 mar7:00 PM28. Karachi Kings VS Islamabad UnitedKarachiKarachi
15 Mar2:00 PM29. Lahore Qalandars VS Multan SultansLahoreLahore
15 Mar7:00 PM30. Karachi Kings VS Quetta GladiatorsKarachiQuetta
2020PKTTeam VS TeamVenueWinner
14 Nov3:00 PMQualifier: Multan Sultans VS Karachi KingsKarachiKarachi
14 Nov8:00 PMEliminator 1: Lahore Qalandars VS Peshawar ZalmiKarachiLahore
15 Nov8:00 PMEliminator 2: Multan Sultans VS Lahore QalandarsKarachiLahore
17 Nov8:00 PMFinal: Karachi Kings VS Lahore QalandarsKarachi